Program/Project Management

Protecht-Program Management-Main Picture copyPROTECHT Management Group’s program and project management services include:

  • Pre-project planning
  • Defining technology requirements
  • Developing technology design guidelines
  • Cost estimating and technology budgeting
  • Project scheduling
  • Development of technology requests for proposals
  • Consultant and contractor procurement
  • Contract negotiations
  • Design and implementation oversight
  • Commissioning and operational assurance

Whether a program is massively scaled, involving multiple buildings and evolving processes, one facility or a transformational event, there are traditional elements to successful program and project management. Simply put, these are conception, planning, execution, control, and completion.

Technology Program Management is distinct from traditional Program Management.

The core of traditional program management focuses on the design and construction of the facility. This typically includes aspects such as the building structure, envelope, mechanical/electrical/plumbing, etc. Unfortunately, this traditional approach relegates planning for technology infrastructure and systems to an afterthought, or at best, included in the process but not with the same expert attention as the other traditional architectural and engineering specialties. This is one of the great ironies in the industry, considering that technology is unique in its contribution to the operation of the business once the client occupies the new facility.

PROTECHT Management Group plans for your technology requirements from the onset of the project with the required expertise to ensure that technology systems are ultimately delivered within a realistic budget and without compromise in their operation and support of the business objectives.

We identify and define the technology objectives.

With clearly defined goals, we can establish the direct path to achieving them. This eliminates the “moving target” syndrome that happens without a clear program.

We create a framework for the entire process.

PROTECHT utilizes best practices to benchmark performance throughout the project. We provide innovative ideas for future flexibility. And we ensure expert systems coordination, eliminating client frustration that so often manifests in a poorly executed technology initiative.

We have a depth of talent for staff augmentation.

Effective program management means you don’t have to hire special personnel for every area of responsibility. By providing our own highly trained specialists to the project efforts, we save you time and money.

We are your advocates.

We don’t let designers and contractors stray from the best interest of the program. We provide you with unbiased recommendations and oversight. We shelter you from conflict that arises when interests differ.

We manage change.

“The only constant is change.” Changes in technology and objectives will most likely occur during the life of the project. PROTECHT manages the implementation of those changes to minimize the financial and scheduling impact.

We manage information flow.

Communication is critical during the life of the technology program, whether it’s for those at the operational level or for executive level briefings and project status updates. Wherever and whatever the “need to know,” we provide fulfillment.

We provide expert analysis.

PROTECHT provides actionable information to assist you in high-stakes financial and operational decisions.

We are accountable for the success of your technology initiative.

Success doesn’t happen by accident. PROTECHT is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards of business conduct and performance. When we are working for you, you can rest assured that the technology portion of your overall initiative will be successful and meet all the objectives you required from the onset.